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Windsor Castle & Hampton Private Car Service

Take a royal visit with us to the phenomenal Windsor Castle whose stunning architecture makes it one of the most attractive places to visit in England. The castle is still the current day residence for the royal family and a place where most state visits are held. The 13 acre-building is found at the heart of Windsor.

It’s a gem to those who have seen it.

Our chauffeurs are more than ready to make your trip comfy and picturesque!

What to Expect on Our Tour to Windsor Castle and Hampton Court.

The day trip not only exposes you to the English heritage and history but also enthrals your heart to the beauty and charm of these prominent landmarks. Our first stop will be at Windsor Castle. We will let you have all the time you need to explore the Queen`s residence. The personal experience of this place is priceless.

And for a truly culminating experience, we will take you to Hampton Court Palace which has its own unique magnetism. From the genius Court Maze to its stylish architectural designs, not to mention the huge grape vine behind the banqueting house and more endless discoveries you will have to make by the end of the tour within the court palace.

Our timeline ensures you have enough time to explore both Windsor Castle and Hampton Court on your day trip.

The experience is incomparable!

Book a day trip to Windsor Castle and Hampton Court

Our Trip Procedure.

Our social chauffeurs will pick you up at an agreed location.

To avoid any inconveniences in your planned trip, ensure to be at the agreed location on time.

Our chauffeurs will ensure you have the time you need to explore the sites and slake your adventurous wishes.

Therefore, apart from the set time of the tour, the time to spent at each site is entirely up to you.

When the trip is over, they will bring you back to the location they picked you up.

Kindly note that the itinerary is meant to be a guide, we are more than happy to amend it to suit your personal interests.

Business Class
Mercedes E Class
group-6 2 Luggage path-50 3 passengers

£335 + VAT

Business VAN /SUV
Mercedes V Class
group-6 6 luggage path-50 6 passenger

£415 + VAT

First Class
Mercedes S Class
group-6 2 luggage path-50 3 passengers

£455 + VAT

Premium Class
Range Rover
group-6 luggage path-50 4 passengers

£615 + VAT

Kindly note that is the suggested travel plan, we are more than happy to amend our itinerary to suit your personal interests.

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