Day Trip to Stonehenge & Bath

Day Trip to Stonehenge & Bath– Book Your Day Trip
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£465 + VAT

10 Hours

Private Vehicle

Stonehenge and Bath Private Car Service

The best Stonehenge tour from London, Refresh your taste in the adventure by having a luxurious visit to Stonehenge, the most renowned pre-historic monument in the world. Stonehenge, stances solely in an immense empty expanse of the Salisbury plain, at Wiltshire.

What to Expect On Our Tour to Stonehenge and Bath

Due to its fabled history around the globe, this trip to Stonehenge and Bath will not only glimpse you into English history but also open your eyes to its beauty.

We will start off a scenic drive through the plains to Stonehenge, we hope to unlock the most mysterious ancient secrets of England on our trip, that will quench your curiosity and make your adventure worthwhile. This site is glorified as the icon of British culture. This is a place to shop a whole basket of historic knowledge and for your information, it will be the beginning of an endless debate you will have, given the kind of myths that surround this monument.

You can wind up the tour in an overwhelming scenic drive to Bath. The city is delightful with marvelous architecture, elegant restaurants with tasteful food choices that will spoil you, not to mention the Roman baths that were built more than 1000 years ago.
We want to absorb you to both the ancient and modern-day culture that is depicted and lived out each living day in both places.

Our Trip Procedure.

Our social chauffeurs will pick you up at an agreed location exactly on the set time.

They will ensure you have the time you need to explore the baths and slake your adventurous wishes.

Therefore, apart from the set time of the tour, the time spent at each site is entirely up to you.

When the trip is over, our chauffeurs will bring you back to the location they picked you up.

Kindly note that this is the suggested travel plan, we are more than happy to amend our itinerary to suit your personal interests.

Business Class
Mercedes E Class
group-6 2 Luggage path-50 3 passengers

£465 + VAT

Business VAN /SUV
Mercedes V Class
group-6 6 luggage path-50 6 passenger

£615 + VAT

First Class
Mercedes S Class
group-6 2 luggage path-50 3 passengers

£665 + VAT

Premium Class
Range Rover
group-6 luggage path-50 4 passengers

£865 + VAT

Kindly note that is the suggested travel plan, we are more than happy to amend our itinerary to suit your personal interests.

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