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Harry Potter Tours

The Harry Potter Tour in London is a magical opportunity to immerse yourself in the wizarding world of Hogwarts. You walk the footsteps of Griffin, Voldemort, Hagrid, and the likes. Fly – yes, fly on a broomstick and navigate the shooting sets as the wizards and witches did in the eight movies. Take the Express, hop on the triple-decker, and ride the Flying Ford Anglia to reach the magnificent architecture where Harry defeated Voldemort.

Explore the extraordinary Hogwarts Great Hall and walk into the depths of the dark Forbidden Forest, all before boarding the original Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 ¾ and wandering down Diagon Alley.

Step aboard where all of it happened – step aboard the wizarding world of Harry Potter with our Harry Potter Tour in London.

About the Tour

This Harry Potter Tour in London package brings you face to face with your childhood obsession and possibly your first fandom. It takes you straight to the Leavesden Studio, where all eight movies were filmed across the span of a decade.

The tour starts with a professional chauffeur picking you up from the meeting point of your convenience. From there, you are driven to the studios in a luxury ride before you walk through the spellbinding, unabridged universe of Harry Potter.

Once the tour ends, the chauffeur drives you back to your hotel.

Warner Bros. Studio Tours, London – What’s there?

This Harry Potter walking tour in London unveils the real sets used in the eight-film Harry Potter series. Our tour will take you behind the scenes on the artistic shooting sets, learning about the making of Harry Potter. This magical world will take you back to childhood.

Get ready to get nostalgic!

In our Day Trips to Harry Potter World, you step into the authentic sets of Harry Potter House. You will discover every nook and cranny from The Great Hall to the iconic Harry Potter room and the mystical Secrets Snake Door.

The architecture will blow your mind!

But this is just the beginning. Just wait till you see what’s inside.

Bespeckled across the sets, you will find countless props, two of which are the original ones directly from the movies. One of the bona fide props is the Knight Bus™. So, please keep your eyes peeled as lest you miss seeing it.

Besides props, you will browse all sorts of uniforms and costumes, including the uniforms from the wizarding Quidditch Game. Unlock the secret behind the Invisibility Cloak and the Whomping Willow with the special and visual effects team. Scratch the itch of how Basilisk, Buckbeak, Aragog, and Fluffy came to life with the creature effect.

Nerdy, huh? Not so much.

This quirky bluestocking-ish tour also has the thriller experience where you can fly a broomstick. Wear the official Hogwarts robes, climb aboard a Nimbus 2000, and soar above the Hogwarts Express with the help of green-screen technology. Keep the moment forever safe in photographs that will be available for purchase later.

In short, in this Warner Bros. Tours, London, you explore everything exciting that turned each film into an unforgettable, era-defining blockbuster.


What are you waiting for?

Step on Platform 9¾ and get on board the Hogwarts Express! You will see how the carriages boast painstaking details, each following the theme of one of the eight movies.

All this exploration can make even the Fantastic Beasts famished, which is why we take you dining for the Harry Potter Meal at The Great Hall.


Highlights of the Harry Potter from London Tour

There is too much to do, explore, and drool over in our Harry Potter Tour that it gets hard to keep up with what you are up for once you buy the ticket. Easy! Here is the summary of our tour highlights.

  • A luxury ride to Warner Bros. Studio with round trip
  • Visit to most iconic fantasy studio in London and marvel at the emblematic architecture
  • Experiencing the magic of filmmaking at Warner Bros. Studio Tours London: The Making of Harry Potter
  • Seeing the original props, uniforms, and costumes from all eight movies in one single tour, including the Knight Bus™ and flying cars and motorbike
  • Thrill activity of flying a broomstick

Whether you’re heading from Central London to Harry Potter Studio or Harry Potter World to London, you can rely on We Drive Global. One of our professional chauffeur drivers drives you there and back safely and on time, before and after your tour finishes. Moreover, along with providing you Harry Potter chauffeur services in London, we also offer other chauffeur tours in and around London, such as Half Day & Full Day London Trips with sightseeing.


Tips to Plan the London to Warner Bros Studio Tour

Make most of the Harry Potter experience in London with these helpful planning tips.

  • Swot up on all eight films (and books if you can).
  • Please book your tickets well in advance to ensure they are not sold out on your preferred dates.
  • Study the tour layout beforehand.
  • Ask plenty of questions throughout the tour – about the sets, the movies, the props, etc.
  • There is so much to do at what is essentially a Harry Potter Museum. Prepare your energy to immerse yourself fully and grab every opportunity you get to participate.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – there will be a lot of walking.
  • If you want to, dress up in fantastic HP cosplay. A house scarf or Potter glasses, perhaps?
  • Access exclusive content by using the free Wizarding World app.
  • Treat yourself to Harry Potter souvenirs, especially the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans™.

What to Expect?

  • A professional Chauffeur will pick up passengers from the agreed location, whether a hotel, resident, or other.
  • Round trip from London to Warner & Bro’s Studio and vice versa
  • A full-day tour at the Warner Bros. Studios in London

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