Excursion Trip to Blackpool, Lake District & Scotland

Excursion Trip to Blackpool, Lake District & Scotland – Book Your Day Trip
Private Tour


£ 4,200 + VAT

10 Hours

Private Vehicle

Blackpool, Lake District and Scotland Private Car Tours

Taking this entire trip with us will enable you to give your soul the treat it’s been patiently awaiting for the longest time ever. These are the places to be, especially when you want to clear your mind and just appreciate what nature has to offer. Do you sometimes feel like the city air and noises have become too much? Well, take some time off and visit Blackpool, the Lake District and ultimately Scotland. All your worries will definitely melt away. These place are exactly what your mind, body and soul are in need of. Take a trip to these three destinations and simply give yourself a chance to enjoy what life has to offer.

What to Expect on your Trip

There are a tone of exciting attractions that will capture your interest the minute you get to Blackpool. You are definitely set for a fun filled adventure. Those who are in for some thrill certainly have the opportunity to brave the white-knuckle rides of the Pleasure Beach – Theme Park, from the iconic Pepsi Max Big One to the traditional Grand National, or slip and slide through the world’s longest indoor rollercoaster waterslide, the Master Blaster, at Sandcastle Water Park.

If you have been longing to go back into the past for purposes of understanding it better, the Blackpool Tower Eye, with its 4D cinema and SKYWALK, is an awe-inspiring exploration of the town’s history coupled with exhilarating views from the floor to ceiling glass observation window. From 380-feet above the Promenade, you can descend to the depths of the Blackpool Tower Dungeon, where expert performers will regale you with their very own horrible histories of plague and torture.

Let’s no leave out the Blackpool Tower Circus. Here you get to meet your favorite clowns, Mooky and Mr Boo. There’s nothing nearly as fascinating as this experience.

We thereafter leave for the Lake District which consists of ‘The largest Natural Lake in England.’ Enjoy a relaxing Cruise as you get to awe at the wonderful scenery that defines the entire town. We will later on visit the capital of Scotland, known as Edinburgh. Sitting right on top of an extinct volcano is an amazingly beautiful castle which belongs to the Ministry of Defence, UK. Nothing beats this entire adventure.

Our Trip Procedure

As agreed upon when scheduling, a chauffeur will be at your disposal. Pick up time will be on mutual agreement by you and your chauffeur.

Feel free to take your time when it comes to enjoying the scenery around you and the beauty that each place you visit has to behold.

Your assigned chauffeur shall dutifully drop you back at the initial pick up point upon returning from the trip.

Kindly note that this is the suggested travel plan, we are more than happy to amend our itinerary to suit your personal interests.

Business Class
Mercedes E Class
group-6 2 Luggage path-50 3 passengers

£4200 + VAT

Business VAN /SUV
Mercedes V Class
group-6 6 luggage path-50 6 passenger

£4900 + VAT

First Class
Mercedes S Class
group-6 2 luggage path-50 3 passengers

£5250+ VAT

Premium Class
Range Rover
group-6 luggage path-50 4 passengers

£6650 + VAT

Kindly note that is the suggested travel plan, we are more than happy to amend our itinerary to suit your personal interests.

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