Bicester Village Shopping Excursion

Bicester Village Shopping Excursion – Book Your Day Trip
Private Tour


£ 375 + VAT

8 Hours

Private Vehicle

About Bicester Village.

Take a day trip with us to Bicester Village, one of the most visited places in England. This place is just the right antidote for a soul in need of an escape and even a little cultural nourishment. It’s one of the Britain’s finest tourist attraction site. The village is known for its luxurious and leading fashion brand stores, with ironically eye-catching discounts that attract thousands of people in the village in a single year.

Take a day trip with us to this magnificent village. Dine in its elegant restaurants which will spoil you with its multiplicities. The designer brands offered at a fair price will just come in handy for your shopping plans.

What to Expect On Our Day Trip to Bicester Village.

You will set off from London early in the morning with one of our chauffeur driven vehicles and drive to Bicester village. The trip itself is adventurous, scanning through England’s beautiful landscapes. The drive will be approximately an hour. The place is home to a premier 3-star hotel, hundreds of clothing stores and designer pieces of jewellery and much more attractive sites. The village grants exciting treats and amazing offers.

You will have plenty of time to walk, shop, eat and explore all areas of interest in Bicester as much as you would like to.

Bicester village Trip Procedure.

Our social chauffeurs will pick you up at an agreed location.

To avoid any inconveniences in your planned trip, ensure to be at the agreed location 15 minutes to time.

Our chauffeurs will ensure you have the time you need to explore the sites and slake your adventurous wishes.

Therefore, apart from the set time of the tour, the time to spent at each site is entirely up to you.

When the trip is over, our chauffeurs will bring you back to the location they picked you up.

Kindly note that this is the suggested travel plan, we are more than happy to amend our itinerary to suit your personal interests.

Business Class
Mercedes E Class
group-6 2 Luggage path-50 3 passengers

£375 + VAT

Business VAN /SUV
Mercedes V Class
group-6 6 luggage path-50 6 passenger

£415 + VAT

First Class
Mercedes S Class
group-6 2 luggage path-50 3 passengers

£495 + VAT

Premium Class
Range Rover
group-6 luggage path-50 4 passengers

£695 + VAT

Kindly note that is the suggested travel plan, we are more than happy to amend our itinerary to suit your personal interests.

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