Our Chauffeurs

Our Chauffeurs are the heart of our company

We take a lot of pride in our chauffeurs. They go through a mandatory training programme before becoming part of the WeDriveGlobal network for chauffeur services, occasion chauffeurs, tourist chauffuers and airport transfers. Majority of the chauffeurs are bilingual, well-versed with local language and offer absolute discretion for a safe and a comfortable ride. They also possess an extensive topographical knowledge of the local and surrounding areas.

Chauffeur Selection Programme

We meet and understand all our chauffeurs, their experiences and preferences before getting them board.

We not only check the documentation but also physical condition of the car but also overall cleanliness and interior state.

We take at-least 3 reference (from the previous employer and two colleagues) for every chauffeur and make relevant inquiry to understand their general nature towards a job.

All of our chauffeurs possess excellent knowledge of the local city areas and are not dependent on electronic maps to give a seamless experience to the passenger.

Chauffeur Training Programme

We have inter-company checklist for uniform and presentation of the chauffeurs which is given utmost importance to. We’re also happy to accommodate specific client requests towards the same.

We do a discreet test-drive with every chauffeur to check their driving pattern, alertness towards the road, pedestrians, speed humps, etc. We also ensure that a chauffeur is only working for a specified hours within in a week and they take enough breaks between periods to help improve service and concentration while driving.

We have all our drivers to go through a short training programme on our customer service standards, Meet and greet standards and general behaviour

We make all our chauffeurs sign an NDA which enables 100% privacy of the conversation a passenger is having in the car, 100% security for their personal details and luggage of the passenger.

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