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Are you a Beauty Professional? Are you looking for an event that showcases the latest products within the Beauty Industry?

If the answer is Yes !! then there is no better place than the Olympia Beauty Show being held at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London

Olympia Beauty, autumn’s biggest event for beauty professionals, returns Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th October 2021

Olympia Beauty will be London’s first large-scale beauty show since 2019.

Beauty professionals have never been so keen to attend an event and Olympia Beauty promises to deliver, with some major new developments. Salon and Spa owners have the opportunity to do business in a brand new way. There will also be new stages for lashes and massage and the launch of GREEN Beauty, a new and exclusive arena for natural and organic brands emphasizing sustainability within the beauty industry.

Throughout lockdown, the team has planned a refreshing and dynamic show experience, ensuring you will be inspired, excited, and enthralled from the moment you walk through the doors in October.

An insight into the changes for 2021

The Salon & Spa Owners’ Club will be presented for the first time in partnership with Salonology, the UK’s foremost online coaching community, run by Hollie and Ryan Power. The duo behind this bright and marketing savvy brand are set to create a buzz around the professional-only event that has never been seen before, as they create new features specifically for the beauty business owner.

GREEN Beauty is an area of huge importance at the show this year, bringing brands that boast natural, organic or sustainable properties to the forefront of our industry.

Finally, there are competitions – The Lash Games and The National Massage Championships – which will both feature brand retail areas for the first time, alongside their own independent stages offering education, panel discussions and demonstrations to those with a specific interest in lashes and massage.

More is yet to be announced, but it’s safe to say the excitement around Olympia Beauty this year is huge – and snowballing!

Ticket registration has just opened!

Click here to register for your free ticket today or find out more by visiting www.olympiabeauty.co.uk

Availing ground transportation to get to Olympia Beauty Show

Since it is a renowned and popular beauty show, Olympia Beauty Show attracts the attention of many. More than 2,000 visitors attend the live show to firsthand experience the new and rising trends in Beauty.

Therefore, you should make a proper schedule for the day of the event. Account for traffic and any unforeseen circumstances. Of course, you wouldn’t want to drive yourself and nor want to be seen getting off a cab. This is where chauffeur services come in! Think of the attention you will receive when a sharp-dressed chauffeur opens the door to the vehicle, and you step out!

Utilize WeDriveGlobal`s exceptional Chauffeur service

WeDriveGlobal is known for its exemplary chauffeur services. They provide you with well-spoken and trained chauffeurs who will take you through quick and safe routes to your location. On your orders, the chauffeur will wait outside the venue until you are ready to go home. You can even select multiple destinations if you and your friends are opting to carpool. WeDriveGlobal only wants what’s best for you!

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