Italian Grand Prix

Italian Grand Prix Car Service

With a length of 5.793 km and a racing distance of 306.72 km, the Monza racing circuit, is only the third purpose-built race track, hence its importance. Almost every year since it was first built, Formula 1 race cars have graced their presence on these circuits.
Much like the Monza racing track, The Italian Grand Prix is nearly a century old event, first held in Monza, Italy, in 1922. The Italian Grand Prix was the first event to be held there, a week after its inauguration.
It’s an event for the fanatics of speed to witness lightning fast cars hit their maximum speeds and pump your adrenaline as their pass by like a flash in front of your eyes.

Preparing for the Event

The Italian Grand Prix will be held between 3rd September to 6th September this year, in 2020. Keeping in view the craze of speed, and its rich history, this event is always a highlight for the mainstream media.

This hype and fan following always attracts a load of traffic from not only all over Europe but from other parts of the world as well. Either let a car service with professional chauffeur take you to the event, or plan your journey accordingly, taking into account the delays and jams.

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