Protecting Business Travellers Health & Safety When Travelling Abroad

Business Travel Health & Safety

Ground Transportation Plays A Bigger Role in Business Travel Risk Than Most Firms Realize — The Best Chauffeur Services Increase Comfort While Mitigating Risk

The world of travel is always unpredictable, especially if it is filled with meetings, seminars, and other business commitments. From flight delays to natural disasters, there are several business travel risks involved. It is critical for enterprises to ensure the safety and security of their business travellers. Although they are obligated to look after the employees travelling, several firms tend to overlook the risks associated with business travel.

According to the Global Business Travel Association, they expect 500 million business trips per year within the US by 2022. With increasing business travel needs, if travel risk management is not done effectively, business travellers and employers are compromising to personal, productivity, information security, and other asset damage during ground transportation activities. Hence, it is imperative to hire a high-quality, experience, and credible chauffeur service in London or every other travel destination. For a business, here are some reasons why this will help reduce risk.


  1. When you hire a professional chauffeur car service for your business travellers on-ground commute, often carry insurance with personal, property, and asset coverage.
  2. A safe and stress-free commute is a must when it comes to planning business travel. With chauffeur drivers who are well trained and are legally obligated to protect riders’ information and security.
  3. With additional personal protection of the business travellers and security training, chauffeur service helps minimize psychological stress involved in travel and travel planning.

While these are not industry standards that are maintained across all chauffeur car service providers, there is a handful of them that are well experienced and offers these services to their clients. A well-researched business travel planner must seek out and make reservations with industry-leading chauffeur service providers. Intriguing, isn’t it? Continue reading to discover all the factors to consider.

Emotional Health & Safety

Travel risk management begins before your travellers depart on their trip. When it comes to frequent international business travellers, you’ll notice that they are exposed to emotional health and safety concerns that include burnout, reductions in productivity due to stress, isolation and homesickness. It’s not just about the long hours in air travel that causes stress amongst the travellers, there’s also a big factor of consideration with ground transportation insecurity and unreliability.

With business travel planning and risk mitigation, preparation, and research of your on-ground transportation provider are important. The last thing an organization wants its travellers is to be stressed out and be unproductive. With a professional chauffeur service, you can ease the stress and hassle out of the commute.


Physical Health & Safety

In recent times, there has been a lot of conversation and studies done on mental health and it’s direct impact on physical health. Frequent and long business travel has both mental and physical health impacts associated with it. In a survey conducted by occupational psychology expert Dr Rachel Lewis, it was revealed that over 34% of international business travellers consume excessive alcohol, travel in a vehicle without adequate protection use drugs during the travel.

Seeking out for a budget option mostly ends up either with inexperienced drivers who are probably just starting on their new job or self-driving even while being fatigued from a long-haul flight. The risks associated with it is often overlooked, for instance, increased risk of traffic accidents which can endanger the traveler’s life. Apart from physical safety, these low-quality on-ground transport options also come with the risk of insufficient insurance coverage which has financial implications to the business as well as the travellers. These travellers are ambassadors of your organization, representing your business. It’s important to have efficient completion of the meetings or seminars without compromising on the well-being.

When you hire a chauffeur service for your business travellers, you are working with a team of professional drivers who knows how to navigate through the traffic safely. The cars and the passengers are fully protected with necessary insurance, reducing the aforementioned risks.


Informational & Intellectual Health & Safety

You’ll be fascinated to know that information security is one of the fastest-growing business travel risks. A recent study revealed that over 20% of business travellers are vulnerable to information leakage and security concerns. Besides a reliable and professional chauffeur service, all the other on-ground transportation solutions providers are popular targets for information security attacks. Chauffeur services have insurance to cover the loss or theft of personal, company, or intellectual property during the ride. This makes it one of the most safest and stylish rides for business travellers.

These are some of the safety risk concerns that no business or organization should overlook while booking their travel. A reliable and professional chauffeur car service is always recommended for their commute. Find out more about the safety and security feature

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