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    Fleet Size

    How many of your own vehicles do you acquire?

    Do you have one of the following vehicles?

    Maximum 2 years old in black

    • Mercedes-Benz E-Class

    • Cadillac XTS

    • Cadillac CT6

    • Lincoln Continental

    • BMW 5-Series

    • Tesla Model X

    • Cadillac Escalade

    • Lincoln Navigator

    • Mercedes-Benz Metris

    Maximum 3 years old in black

    • Mercedes-Benz S-Class

    • BMW 7-Series

    • Audi A8

    Do you have one of the following vehicles?

    Required documents

    This includes all documents that comply with your local regulations.

    Please note:

    We only work with registered companies. We will ask you to send specific documents at a later step.

    Do you have all the following documents?


    • Driver license

    • Chauffeur / Limo driver license

    • Portrait image of the driver

    • Full Body Photo in Professional Attire


    • Vehicle registration

    • Vehicle For Hire license / permit

    • Vehicle liability insurance

    • Photo of the vehicle showing plates and decals


    • Most recent completed federal tax return

    • Business registration/corporation certificate

    • Tax ID Certificate

    • Vehicle For Hire License / Operator License

    • Certificate of Liability Insurance

    • Void Check

    Do you have all documents listed above?

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